Voices from the Pews


HeartSharing Our St. Philip’s Experiences

Quotes from church parishioners about St. Philip’s Episcopal Church:

“It’s a spiritual home for your heart.” –L.B.

“I feel a connection to the handful of members who held this church together years ago on Houston Street.

I walk into the church and I feel their presence in every corner: the ladies that hand-stitched the linens and stoles, the stained glass, the kitchen, the chapel, so many great memories.

I see my little son serving at the altar, and I’ve said final goodbyes to so many special people here.” –B.Y.

“It feels like home and family.” –C.G.

“I enjoy the peace, the calmness in the church—you already have a connection with God.” –L.C.

“We have a strong core of belief, so we are free to question, to try new things and to go out into the world with joy and a firm knowledge of who we are as God’s people.” –S.S.

“It is a place where newcomers are welcomed.” –J.T.

“I love all the people. They’re like family. And, it is a beautiful church.” –B.J.

“Having been off to school, it is a place that is a safe haven. It is coming back home. The arms are wide in greeting.” –C.G.

“St. Philip’s is warm and welcoming to all people.” –B.R.

“I love the diversity of the members at St. Philip’s. We’re from a wide range of geographical areas, spiritual backgrounds, and ages, but we’re all united in the common purposes of worshipping, growing spiritually and serving those in need. It is truly a place for everyone.” –C.K.

“This church has many diverse opinions but, they’re all accepted and not judged.” –K.P.

“My first exposure to the Episcopal faith was at St. Philips in 1998.  I was immediately struck by the beautiful reverence of the service.  I soon realized the church is serious about our baptismal promise to ‘seek and serve Christ in ALL persons’.  I love our welcoming, friendly and fun Episcopalians!” –S.H.